Birthdate 1992 (age 20/20)
Family Unknown
Occupation Street Musician
Species Vampire
Transfiguration date October 2012 (by Marcel Gerard)

Status Deceased
Cause of death Snapped Neck (as a human)
  • Siphoned (as a vampire)
Killed by Marcel Gerard (as a human)
Played by Nishi Munshi
First seen Marcellus
Last seen Seven Months Later

Gia is a young vampire turned by Marcel to help convince Elijah to side with him in protecting and rebuilding Marcel's new vampire community after the French Quarter vampire population's decimation by Francesca Correa and her family. She is currently Elijah's protegee.

The Originals Season 1Edit

The Originals Season 2Edit

Following the destruction of Ancestral Magic, Genevieve negated the protection spell that powers daylight rings, thus trapping all vampires indoors during the day. Gia is trapped across the river in Marcel's hideout.

She laments the loss of her leader when Celina and Elijah arrive. Gia is at first hostile, but Elijah explains Celina's reasons for being there with them. Celina informs Gia that many in Washington are aware of the supernatural's existence, and gives her a few hours to figure out which side she wants to be on. Gia is instructed to watch a DVD that Celina had apparently stolen before coming to the Quarter. Later, Gia gets into Elijah's car, promising to help protect Celina from the political factions who would use Celina as leverage against her father. Moments later, she is wounded by a wooden bullet. Elijah drives them all to safety.

During the party, she tries to get closer to Celina and drives her to the compound where The Shachath has an infant Angelique Mikaelson. During the drive, Rebekah joins them. She joins in the fight against the creature and elects to stay behind while Celina goes home alone.

As her home is destroyed, she escapes with Kol.

She is living with Kol and he takes her to the Met in New York. While there, they encounter Jules. With Jules, and later Davina, they are assualted by Kai. Kai almost kills Davina before being driven off, but comes back and kills Gia offscreen, depositing her corpse on Kol's doorstep as a taunt.


She is kind, with a bit of an edge and abrasiveness to her. She is an old flame of Celina Kingston during their mutual time in juvenile hall, and wished to reconnect with the senator's daughter. Warm and loving, she is violently protective of those she cares for.


  • She is bisexual.


  • 18/62 (TO)

(TO S1) (12/16)

(TO S2) (6/16)

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