Fiona Monroe
Birthdate 1991 (age 22)
Family *Eve (mother, deceased)
Occupation Assassin
Species Werewolf

Significant kills Stacy Labonair
Status Alive

Played by Emily Berrington
First seen Seven Months Later
Last seen Afterlife

Fiona Monroe (born Liana Labonair) is the daughter of Eve and the clan's previous leader before Jackson. She currently works for Ethan Pope as an assassin, with her current assignment being the extermination of Klaus' hybrids.

Early LifeEdit

As Liana, she became fast friends with Hayley during her brief stay in the bayou during her pregnancy. Liana was fond of Hayley and marveled at the "miracle child" inside Hayley's womb, often feeling the baby kick, and even convinced Hayley to allow her (Liana) to be at Hayley's side when the child was born. However, she was kidnapped before Hope's birth and has not been seen since.

The Originals Season 2Edit

In Seven Months Later, Stacy finds her at a bar. The two are overjoyed to see each other, but when Stacy reveals that she is now a hybrid, Fiona tears her cousin's heart from her chest, regretfully saying, "Liana is gone. My name is Fiona Monroe." She then calls Ethan Pope to inform her that Stacy is dead. She then chastises Pope for making her go undercover amongst the Crescents and make them think she was Liana, as she had "gotten attached" to several of them. She then leaves for another assignment.

In Copenhagen, she helps rescue Liv and expresses to fellow werewolf Jules a desire to get out of New Dawn, a desire that Jules decides to help her see come to fruition.



  • It is implied that Fiona was coerced into going undercover for Pope in order to assess the hybrid child, simply posing as Liana to gain access to Hayley.


  • 13/62 (TO)

(TO S2) (6/16)

(TO S3) (7/14)

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