Sebastian Stan as TJ Hammond on Political Animals S01E04 13
Ethan Pope
Birthdate March 15th, 1982 (age 31)
Occupation Terrorist
Species Human

Status Alive

Played by Sebastian Stan
First seen *Seven Months Later (voice)
Last seen Unto This Storm

The Darkest Parts of Yourself (spirit)

Ethan Pope is a known terrorist and anti-government radical. He is the head of a conspiracy to assassinate President Taylor Kingston and was close to his daughter Celina before her accident.

Early LifeEdit

Pope was in and out of prison for much of his adolescence, dealing drugs and taking part in a troubling amount of gang violence. He dropped out of college during sophomore year and disappeared for six months, resurfacing a changed man with strong beliefs and, most importantly, a wish to see Taylor Kingston dead.

The Originals Season 2Edit

In Seven Months Later, Liv Parker contacts him to inform him of her success in trailing the Mikaelson family, undetected, for the last several months. Pope sneers his satisfaction and orders her to "lay low until Davos has had his fun".

In Light 'Em Up,

In Hello Storyville,

In Dark Horse,

The Originals Season 3Edit

In Things We Lost in the Fire,

In Bad Blood,

In Dead or Alive,

In Call of the Wild,

In Ragnarok,

In Death Waltz,

In Afterlife,

In Ethan,

The Originals Season 4Edit

In Rescue Me,

In Are You There, God? It's Us, The Mikaelsons,

In Unto This Storm,

In The Darkest Parts of Yourself,


  • 16/62 (TO)

(TO S2) (4/16)

(TO S3) (8/14)

(TO: Dangerous Liaisons) (4/16)


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