Erik Sulez
Birthdate November 13, 1963 (age 51)
Family *Leonardo Rodriguez (father)
Occupation Whitmore Professor (formerly)
Species Human

Status Alive

Played by James Marsters
First seen Pilot
Last seen Go

Daughter (flashbacks)

Erik Sulez (nee Rodriguez) is the psychopathic husband of Juliette DeSilva, the father of Meredith Sulez, and a former ethics professor who moonlights as a werewolf hunter. He was serving a lengthy prison term for multiple counts of murder.

Early LifeEdit

Several characters mention that Erik has "darkness about him."

As revealed in Daughter, he was adopted by the Rodriguez line from a Caucasian family who could not provide for him.

Prior to the events of the main story, he was framed by Peter Delsoin and Ivan Markov for the murders of the heads of several Organization bloodlines, which allowed Delsoin to ascend to the Chancellorship. Almost everyone, even his wife and daughter, eventually gave up on thinking he was innocent and he resigned himself to live in solitude. However, Meredith eventually came around and tried to convince Juliette to do the same.

The Sulez Dynasty Season 1Edit

In Pilot, he is released from prison and hunts down Meredith to try and prove his innocence, which she accepts. Juliette, however, does not.

In Say Anything,

In All Through The Night,

In Sacrilege,

In The Fallen,

In Animal I Have Become,

In Go,




  • 7/36 (TSD)

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