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Eobard Thawne
Birthdate 2151 (age unknwown)
Occupation Time Criminal
Species Metauman

Status Alive

Played by Matt Letsher
  • Tom Cavanagh
First seen Pilot (The Flash)
Last seen Not All Suffering is Bad
Eobard Thawne is a notorious time criminal and archenemy of Barry Allen. A speedster like Allen, Thawne is particularly hated by his counterpart for the murder of Barry's mother Nora in 2000.


Canary Season 1Edit

Canary Season 2Edit

The ConvergenceEdit

Canary Season 5Edit

New Krypton Season 1Edit

New Krypton Season 2Edit

New Krypton Season 6Edit




  • 28/46 (The Flash)
  • 12/82 (Legends of Tomorrow)
  • 10/80 (New Krypton)
  • 3/50 (Canary)
  • 45 (total)

(Canary S1) (1/10)

(Canary S2) (1/10)

(Canary S5) (1/10)

(New Krypton S1) (3/10)

(New Krypton S2) (5/10)

(New Krypton S6) (1/10)

(Supergirl S7) (1/10)

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