Occupation Leader of The Old Ones
Species Vampire

Status Undead

Played by Sendhil Ramamurthy
First seen Dark Horse
Last seen Ragnarok

Davos is the leader of The Old Ones and a former rival of Kol's.

Early LifeEdit

The Originals Season 4Edit

In Dark Horse,

The Originals Season 5Edit

In Black as Night,

In Deal With The Devil,

In Skulls,

In The Old Ones (episode),

In Hybrid,

In Dead or Alive,

The Originals Season 6Edit

In Trust,

In Call of the Wild,

In Ragnarok,



  • He is the main antagonist of The Old Ones (arc).
  • He is one of the most powerful adversaries the Mikaelsons have ever faced.


Episode Count:

  • 10/68 (TO)

(The Originals Season 4) (1/8)

(The Originals Season 5) (6/8)

(The Originals Season 6) (3/6)

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