Season 1, Episode 9 (9)
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Air date March 2020
Written by Illyriarocks
Directed by Illyriarocks
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Sacrifice Every Breath You Take
Daughter is the ninth episode of The Sulez Dynasty Season 1 and the 9th episode overall.


MEREDITH'S WORLD IS TURNED UPSIDE DOWN- When Silas approaches Meredith with life-changing news, the young huntress locks herself in the Organization's archives to search for evidence of his wild claims. Nora, Mary Louise, and Valerie hunt a weakened Josephine Salvatore, who calls in the favor Netzach owes her. As a powerful new adversary rises, Kahri looks for potential loopholes in Lily's newest ultimatum. Enzo endeavors to keep Jo safe even as Julian and Joanna stalk both of them. Meanwhile Aurora antagonizes Nyssa Raatko, the enigmatic interim Chancellor, and Heather's lack of control over her abilities proves dangerous. Finally, Greta Hart works to control her own abilities when Nyssa remands Henrietta to the Organization's rehab facility.

FLASHBACK STORYLINE- The truth of Meredith's heritage is revealed.

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