Dark Paradise
Diana heather4
Season 5, Episode 12 (40)
Vital statistics
Air date May 2021
Written by Illyriarocks
Directed by Illyriarocks
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Dark Paradise is the 12th and final episode of The Sulez Dynasty Season 5 and the 40th episode overall. It is also the series finale.


ALL GOOD THINGS COME TO AN END- The Woman hijacks The Armory's dreamscape apparatus in a last-ditch effort to defeat her opponents. In the real world, Ophelia and Karis learn of Celine's endgame.

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  • Antagonists: Celine Laurent, The Woman, Sekhmet
  • This episode is the series finale.
  • This episode takes place on October 20, 2014.
  • The episode's epilogue takes place on Christmas Morning.


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