Damon Salvatore
Birthdate 1839 (age 24/537)
Family * Giuseppe Salvatore (father, deceased)
Species Vampire
Transfiguration date Sep. 25th, 1864
Significant sires Elena Gilbert

Status Undead
Cause of death Shot (as a human)
Killed by Giuseppe Salvatore (as a human)
Played by Ian Somerhalder
First seen Pilot (TVD)
Last seen Light 'Em Up (flashbacks/spirit)

Damon Salvatore is a vampire and the on-again/off-again boyfriend of Elena Gilbert. He was on good terms with the human Elizabeth Forbes, sheriff of Mystic Falls in the 21st Century, prior to her murder. Cavalier and willing to torture or kill to get information, Damon was on the outs with many of the other protagonists for many years.

Early LifeEdit

As revealed in Light 'Em Up,

Mystic Falls FlashbacksEdit

He is first seen drinking with Stefan after Liz's funeral, vehemently blaming Silas for her death. Later, the two are abducted by Victoria Petersen and killed by Silas in front of the entire town. Their bodies are safeguarded by their sister Josephine Salvatore, who they were not aware still lived. All of this is relayed to Meredith Sulez by Josephine Salvatore upon the Organization's arrival in the town.

The Dark DimensionEdit

He appears several times throughout the miniseries as a form of The Dark Dimension (plane) so that it may interact with the souls trapped within it.

The Originals Season 4Edit

In Light 'Em Up,




Episode Count:

  • 89/89 (TVD)
  • 3/5 (TDD)
  • 1/68 (TO)
  • 93 (Total)

(TDD) (3/5)

(TO S4) (1/8)

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