[[The Originals]]
Season 2, Episode 10 (24)
Air date May 18, 2016
Written by Illyriarocks
Directed by Illyriarocks
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Seven Months Later
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Copenhagen is the tenth episode of The Originals Season 2 and the 24th episode overall.


ELIJAH RECALLS A PAST ENCOUNTER WITH SOLOMON- While Josephine peeks around Elijah's memories to try and find information on Christabella and her plans, Elijah recalls the family's time in Copenhagen during the 1500s, leading to a confrontation with Anne Bonny. Klaus and Kol pursue the enigmatic Tristan de Martel. Finn kidnaps Callie and Jules in his attempt to discover how to access a dangerous power with the help of Davina Mikaelson. Clarice and Killian train to take down the Mikaelsons. Freya comes across a foreboding warning from Rebekah's "firstborn". Angelique meets Lucien Castle, while Kai tortures Cami. Joanna works with Tunde to track down Liv Parker, one of the higher-ups in the plot to assassinate the senator. Finally, Alana finds herself the target of an assassin with ties to Marcel.


Main Cast:

Special Guest Stars:

  • Balthazar Getty as Lucan (flashbacks)
  • and Lance Reddick as Roan (flashbacks)

Recurring Cast:




Rain drenches the shipyard. DAVINA, soaked through, runs from a laughing KAI. He speaks with Marcel’s voice.

KAI (with Marcel’s voice): How long do you really think you can keep this up, little D?

Davina whips around to find Kai RIGHT BEHIND HER. She shrieks. His voice is now his own.

KAI: I put you in this state. I control this little corner of your mind, Davina Claire. And I say: Wake. Up.

He kisses her forehead.


Davina catapults into a sitting position. She’s hyperventilating, traumatized. MARCEL, who has remained vigilant by her side, wraps the witch in his arms.

DAVINA: He’s coming! He’s coming. He’s…

She goes limp in Marcel’s arms.

MARCEL: Davina? Davina!

Kai appears in the doorway heading upstairs.

KAI: Oh, she’s fine. Quit your fussing. She’ll be out for a while.

MARCEL: What the hell do you want with her?

KAI: Her? Not a thing, not anymore. I just needed a little pick-me-up after you and Hypocrite Mikaelson locked me up for so damn long.

Marcel rips a shard of wood from the coffin lid and throws it at Kai, who vanishes.

MARCEL: Damn witches, hiding behind their illusion spells like cowards.

He races upstairs with Davina.


Cami is bound to a chair, with Kai crouched in front of her. He blows a blowtorch at her several times.

KAI: I thought I was being clear: Klausy-boo-boo comes to find you or I have some fun seeing what makes vampires tick.

Cami remains strong in the face of this monster, glaring at him defiantly.

KAI: Aww! You think glaring me to death will help. How adorable, and futile.

He powers up the blowtorch, positioning the flame as close to Cami’s face as possible without burning her. Suddenly, SOMEONE grabs Kai and THROWS him across the room. Cami looks up to see that the someone is KLAUS! He unties her and breaks off a chair leg. She hug him. Kai dusts himself off.

KAI: Rude! I was just about to do some artwork! I thought that was your thing, Klaus.

KLAUS: She’s not a canvas, mate.

He turns, hurling the chair leg into Kai’s stomach. The Siphoner collapses. Klaus turns back to Cami, who is holding onto him like a lifeboat.

KLAUS: Let’s get you home.

He picks her up and speeds away. Kai growls, removing the offending object. The wound heals instantly. He grabs his cell, dialing:

KAI: Hey. It’s me. Klaus is on the move and he’ll be gunning for you soon.

He hangs up and looks into the shadows, where a TALL, PALE MAN leans against a crate.

KAI: How did I do?

LUCIEN: I’ve seen better. We’ll be sure to up the stakes next time. Make sure to finish off the Claire witch after I leave.

LUCIEN CASTLE emerges from the shadows. Like Klaus, he is ruggedly handsome with a strong jaw and wicked eyes. Even his wardrobe reflects the feared hybrid.

LUCIEN: Turns out my darling sire has a soft spot after all. Davos is going to love this.




TRISTAN DE MARTEL is examining himself in the mirror, his clothing dapper and high-class. CHRISTABELLA enters.

TRISTAN: Miss Marcoux. To what do I owe the privilege of your presence?

CHRISTABELLA: Your sister seems particularly distraught as of late. She tells me, that over the summer, you gave Marcel Gerard an invitation to join the Strix… and that he accepted.

TRISTAN: What of it?

She slams him against the wall, thrusting her hand into his chest.

TRISTAN: This tux is rented, you know.

CHRISTABELLA: Aurora knows what Marcel is. You know. Why risk it?

TRISTAN: This is the era of diversity, is it not?

CHRISTABELLA: But a werewolf, Tristan?

TRISTAN: Marcel is a werewolf by happenstance, not by his own will. Take the blood of the child, put it in one of his copious booze bottles, and call it a day. He’ll be a hybrid in no time- and the perfect spy for us.

CHRISTABELLA: The Old Ones have allowed your little vampire social experiment to continue unimpeded for so long because it keeps us out of the limelight and imposes order upon chaos.

TRISTAN: The Strix is far more than a social experiment, Christy.

CHRISTABELLA: The Strix exists solely because I find it amusing. Do keep Gerard on a short leash or my opinions may change.

TRISTAN: The Strix is composed exclusively, with the exception of Marcel, of Elijah’s sire line. You really want your blood brothers and sisters to hunt you down like a rabid dog for such a betrayal? It would certainly put a damper on Davos’ schemes, not that he couldn’t easily replace you if he desired. Perhaps I shall contact him later and inform him of your nefarious machinations for Angelique Mikaelson.

She hesitates, but after a beat:

CHRISTABELLA: You wouldn’t dare.

Tristan smirks, wrenches Christabella’s hand from inside him and kicks her across the room with ease.

TRISTAN: If you think that, you really don’t know me at all. I do not bluff. Davos wants the child alive.

He fixes his tussled hair and leaves the room.


The door opens. Light from upstairs floods the basement. Tristan descends the staircase. He walks to the central stone pillar where a BEAUTIFUL REDHEAD is sitting in a semi-fetal position on the floor, chained to the structure. She is disheveled, her face and hair dirty and her clothes worn. Tristan kneels in front of her and smiles. She returns the smile, a light coming to her eyes. He cups her face in his hands.

TRISTAN: My sweet Aurora…

AURORA: Good afternoon, brother. Or is it morning? You know I can’t really tell down here.

TRISTAN: I do know. Did you tell Christabella about my extending a Strix invitation to Mr. Gerard?

AURORA: Of course. I’m supposed to tell her everything. Jochi says so.

TRISTAN: Jochi says so? Well, what does your dear brother say?

BOTH: “Don’t trust them. They’ll only end up using and discarding us.”

TRISTAN: Exactly. You know the rule: no one outside of Elijah’s sire line may be a member of the Strix.

AURORA: You made an exception with me, dear brother.

TRISTAN: You are my sister; that is different. Besides, I only need Marcel to be a good little spy for us.

AURORA: You’re not here to question me about this, not really. I can hear the fear in your voice. Be a man and spit it out, Tristan. What could be so horrible that you cannot tell your sister?

TRISTAN: Lucan allowed his rage to get the better of him.

AURORA: Oh, color me shocked. What has he done now?

TRISTAN: He has killed Rebekah. Your sire is dead, Aurora.

AURORA: That’s not possible. A vampire cannot-

TRISTAN: Yes, but Lucan is not like most of the Old Ones, sweetheart. He is an aberration, a Siphoner who became a vampire. He still has access to the dark magic that his pendant affords him. He utilizes the magic of vampirism to access his abilities and he… destroyed her.

AURORA: If Rebekah is dead, should I not be as well? If the Original who begat the line is killed, then-

TRISTAN: It is an oddity, for sure. I recall a time when Lucien was in fear of his life when those brats in Mystic Falls almost succeeded in killing Klaus.

AURORA: Yes, but Klaus survived by possessing one of his hybrids.

TRISTAN: Which means that the line will survive so long as the spirit of the Original survives! Her spirit is still in the ether somewhere. Aurora, you are a genius! I shall send for someone to free you and we shall right this wrong together.

He kisses her forehead, caresses her cheeks with his thumbs and zips back upstairs.

AURORA: Don’t worry about taking your time, brother. It’s not like I can go anywhere.


Cami is asleep on the ornate couch, Klaus sitting on a chair, near her, ever watchful. Finally, Cami stirs.

KLAUS: About time. You’ve been out all night.

CAMI: Where is he?

KLAUS: I’m sure he won’t be bothering us anymore. And even if he is still breathing air, he hurt you and for that I shall make his demise most unpleasant.

CAMI: You saved me.

KLAUS: I did.

CAMI: Thank you, Klaus. Where are Angelique and Marcel?

KLAUS: Marcel is downstairs with Davina, and my daughter is recuperating in her own way.

CAMI: I’m sure Rebekah would love to hear-

Klaus’ body language changes dramatically.

CAMI: Klaus?

KLAUS: Rebekah won’t be hearing much of anything anymore.

Cami instantly reads his subtext.

CAMI: Klaus…

KLAUS (furiously): I will find whoever did this and I will hunt them to their end.

He stands and tries to leave, but Cami blocks his path. The anger and pain are clearer in his eyes now then they have ever been before.

CAMI: Klaus.

The hybrid’s eyes well up with tears.

KLAUS: My baby sister… and where was I? Hmm? Where was I?

Without blinking, Cami wraps Klaus in a warm hug. He buries his head in the crook of her neck, collapsing to the floor.

CAMI: I’m here. I’m right here.

Klaus continues sobbing.

CAMI: I’m right here. Let it out, it’s okay. I’m right here and I am never going anywhere.

She begins crying to herself.


ALANA is still asleep as Elijah exits the bathroom in a towel. JOSEPHINE is standing over her.

ELIJAH: I had thought you had a better sense of propriety, Miss Salvatore. You certainly had better empathy when we were fighting Silas in Mystic Falls together.

JOSEPHINE: Yes, and that empathy froze us into inaction as Silas ascended and turned the whole damn universe into dark, twisted mess. The wraiths are becoming bolder, for one thing.

ELIJAH: I have no desire to concern myself with the affairs of the Organization. Silas is their problem now. Why are you here?

JOSEPHINE: Then why are you still in Boston? My superiors need me to unlock your memories one more time.

ELIJAH: My memories that I spent the last several months attempting to repress? And I intend to move the family out-of-state at the earliest available opportunity.

JOSEPHINE: Were those months with Roan really all that helpful? Your Red Door is still open, I can sense it.

Elijah grabs her and slams her against the wall, seething.

ELIJAH: My sister is dead!

Alana wakes.

ALANA: Elijah, what’s going on?

ELIJAH: Go back to sleep, Alana. I am simply dealing with an uninvited guest.

JOSEPHINE: You will need me. Do you even know who killed Rebekah?

ALANA: Rebekah’s dead?

ELIJAH: I was going to tell you soon. I did not want to burden you with something like that so soon after what the Siphoner put you through.

ALANA: I’m a lot stronger than you think, Elijah.

JOSEPHINE: Oh, my. Is this the beginning of a lover’s quarrel?

ELIJAH: Enough, Josephine.

ALANA: If she says she can help-

JOSEPHINE: I can. Do you want to avenge your sister or not?

ALANA: Let her in, Elijah. I’ll be here if you need me. Let her go.

Elijah tenses; his next move could be to either rip her head off or release her. Finally, he steps back and grabs his underwear and pajama pants from off the floor, putting them on in place of his towel.

ELIJAH: Fine. Do what you came here to do and get out.


A simple room, the furniture minimalist. One bed and one desk, on which a simple lamp is the only decoration. On this bed, Angelique thrashes in her sleep, caught in some fit. A MAN’S hand touches her shoulder. She responds by grabbing the man’s wrist, getting up, and slamming the man into the floor. The MAN is Lucien.

ANGELIQUE: Who are you?

LUCIEN: An old friend of your father. However, I came to see you. I’ve heard so much about the hybrid child and I had to see her for myself. You do not disappoint.

Angelique releases him and Lucien rights himself.

ANGELIQUE: I assume you’ve got a name?

LUCIEN: Lucien, milady. Lucien Castle.

ANGELIQUE: How do you know my father?

LUCIEN: A justified question. I am his first progeny, the first vampire he ever turned. I was assigned to watch over you by a man with your best interests at heart.

ANGELIQUE: I had a protector. His name was Kieran O’Connell.

LUCIEN: Yes, and he was a good one, wasn’t he? God rest his soul.

He crosses himself in an over-dramatic fashion.

LUCIEN: Did you know him well?

ANGELIQUE: He was always more distant than I think my uncle Elijah preferred. He and Elijah were in almost-constant contact, you see. What does your boss want with me?

LUCIEN: He’s not a boss so much as a colleague. We work together towards a common goal: peace within the supernatural community. His name is Davos. He thinks you might be the key to that peace he so craves.


LUCIEN: Of course! You are the perfect blend of vampire, werewolf, and witch.

ANGELIQUE: Do not remind me.

LUCIEN: You find your state undesirable?

ANGELIQUE: Incredibly. I feel everything around me. All the time. Every breath, every heartbeat, every gust of wind, I see things so acutely that even looking at my father’s face is painful. It hurts to even speak on the phone to someone I love. I sense the deepest and most powerful magic, not only without but also within. My temper is more than hair-trigger and I know the price I would pay for murder; I will not endure that agony. I loathe my very existence. I want no part in any of this. I simply want to be like-

LUCIEN: Like everyone else?

ANGELIQUE: In a word, yes.

Lucien reaches into his jacket pocket and hands her an ornate card.

LUCIEN: Touch this and say his name. ‘Solomon’. He will come to your aid and help guide you to your destiny. Again, my name is Lucien Castle.

ANGELIQUE: I recall.

She starts to say something, but thinks better of it.

ANGELIQUE (unsure): Please… leave.

LUCIEN: No need to be difficult, love.

He zips out the open window.


Elijah lays on his back on the floor as Josephine rubs his temples and mutters to herself. Alana stands off to the side, curious.

ALANA: What’s going on?

JOSEPHINE: Locked behind Elijah’s Red Door is the key to defeating Davos.

ALANA: His Red Door? He spent months working to control it, he barely has any control of it when I or his niece aren’t around! With his sister dead-

JOSEPHINE: Rebekah is not dead.

ALANA: What?

JOSEPHINE: Klaus is in possession of her and he doesn’t even know it.

ALANA: I don’t speak cryptic, lady. Tell me straight up.

JOSEPHINE: Go to him. Now. He’ll find out himself sooner or later, but now I have a go-between concerning he and I.

ALANA: Tell him yourself.

JOSEPHINE: He and I are on… unpleasant terms, to say the least. Tristan de Martel will know of what I speak regarding the Original Sister. Tell Klaus to ferret the little weasel from whatever rock he’s hiding under.

ALANA: You know, Elijah told me about you. The long-lost half-sister of one of Klaus’ dearest frenemies. He spoke of you highly, said you were kind and merciful. Press-ganged into the service of some dickweed angel named Sariel. But you, honey, you are cold and unfeeling. You’re a freaking iceberg, a dry well with no emotional depth. I sense that and I’ve known you for like five minutes. On another note, I may be new to all this supernatural business, but I am a lawyer. This has got to be some kind of-

JOSEPHINE: You saw it yourself: he consented to my methods.

ALANA: Yeah. Sure. I doubt he consented to having his inner demons exploited for some gain in a pissing match with some other vampires.

JOSEPHINE: The Old Ones are a far more deadly threat than you would believe. Davos cannot be allowed to succeed. Now go!

She blinks. Alana vanishes and finds herself in:


Cami is downing a glass filled with blood as Alana appears.

CAMI: Oh. You again. Hi. Alana, right?

ALANA: Yeah. Is, uh, is Klaus here?


Tristan opens the door and descends the staircase.

TRISTAN: Everyone seems to be out for the day, my sweet. I’m coming to get you out of this hellhole myself and-

He reaches the bottom, but finds Aurora gone.

TRISTAN: Sister? Aurora?

He turns around. Blood is everywhere. He kneels closest to the largest pool of blood and reads a note.

AURORA (voice): Off to find Bex. Don’t worry about me, Tristan, or start the party without me. I will find a new body for her, and to hell with what Christabella says.





Klaus and FINN are discussing something in hushed tones.

KLAUS: They are a myth, brother! You can possibly think that-

FINN: They murdered our sister, Niklaus! I sense Lucan’s magic all over Rebekah’s ashes.

KLAUS: Do you hear yourself? Vampires with witch powers? A preposterous notion.

FINN: The Old Ones are much more than that, Niklaus. Regardless, they clearly need to be exterminated. What do you think I was trying to do the last time you put me back in that box? I was in search of the one called Davos.

A healthier-looking Davina waltzes in, followed shortly by Freya.

DAVINA: The Ancestors warned us about Davos.

KLAUS: What is this little brat doing here?

FREYA: She’s with me, brother. We’re going to help find these bastards and put an end to them.

KLAUS: Fantastic! The witch who has tried to kill us in the past and our not so dead elder sister with ambiguous loyalties are lurking about when Elijah is being tortured by some foreign agent with powers we do not understand while we prattle on about beings with impossible abilities. What a perfectly normal morning. Call me when you lot get some sense about you!

He stalks off, past Cami who is leaning in the doorway.


Tristan and Christabella are bickering in the library while Tristan is looking for books.

CHRISTABELLA: You allowed five hundred vampires to be expelled from Boston by the edict of one human girl?

TRISTAN: Meredith Sulez is a huntress, a high-ranking member of the Organization, with a supernatural lineage that makes even the most powerful of the Old Ones look like children in comparison. She is hardly normal and she almost killed both myself, Aya, and Natasha simultaneously. There is something about her and that vampire assassin Joanna that is wholly abhorrent and heretical. I would’ve killed them both had you allowed me.

CHRISTABELLA: The Sulez girl will be taken care of soon enough. The three leaders of Osvajac is converging on the town and they will render the entire Sulez bloodline unto ash and the city of Boston into rubble if necessary. But if you believe any of this excuses your overall incompetence at keeping the Organization in line and out of our affairs, Lord de Martel, you are mistaken. Were it up to me, I could execute both you and your insane sister as well as the entirety of the Strix.

At the mention of Aurora, Tristan jumps off the ladder and pins Christabella against the floor by the throat.

TRISTAN: I will find my sister and you will not lay a finger on her.

He tosses a book he’s found at her before departing the room.


Finn is alone in his room, staring out of the window, when Cami enters.

CAMI: You look like you could use some company.

FINN: I have no desire for it, Miss O’Connell. I have no respect for someone who fawns over by bastard brother as you do, but I do respect you for your courage in the six months between leaving New Orleans and coming here. To be alone with him is quite admirable. He is quite vicious.

CAMI: People change, Finn.

FINN: No, they do not. They simply get better at covering up their mistakes and their more repugnant traits under a mask of penitence.

CAMI: You’ve changed.

FINN: I do not consider my brothers allies in the slightest. I consider them means to an end. They will find Davos for me.

CAMI: You have a death wish.

FINN: My brother Elijah compelled me to give up my vendetta against this family and used the magic of the late Taryn Clint, whom Analektos had briefly revived in New Orleans for the sole purpose of aiding in Dahlia’s defeat and freeing Freya of that wretched memory spell, to bind me to this body.

CAMI: You can’t hold a grudge when he’s only trying to-

FINN: To what, hmm? If he intends to torture me, he has certainly succeeded.

He stalks past her.


Alana watches uncomfortably as Elijah writhes silently on the floor and Josephine focuses intently.

ALANA: You’re hurting him!

JOSEPHINE: Where is it? Where is that specific… there!


Caption: 1503

Elijah, Kol, and Klaus enter the foyer, two coffins behind them.

KLAUS: I think this will do. Welcome to Copenhagen, brothers.

KOL: Will Rebekah get to experience this place for once? You’ve kept her daggered for the last decade for refusing to keep a low profile when it came to the men of England.

KLAUS: And for the once day I decided to let her out of that box, Mikael was descending upon us and she refused to flee. I will not lose her to that walking plague, not like they lost Freya.

In the shadows, Freya observes them.

FREYA: They know me?

She remains silent and begins stalking them throughout the house as they move through it.


Liv is drinking as Kai approaches her. She is alone.

KAI: Hey, sis. Bit early for day drinking, isn’t it?

Liv turns her head to look at him and springs from her chair.

LIV: You…

KAI: How’s regular old humanity treating you? Losing your magic must’ve been a real bitch.

He flicks his wrist and Liv flies over the counter.

KAI: My new boss wants you gone, kiddo. Nothing personal. Actually, no, it’s all incredibly personal. I’m gonna enjoy this.

He closes his fists and Liv levitates in the air, gasping for breath. Liv floats into his open hand, which wraps around her throat.

KAI: Tell the fam hi for me.

He snarls and tosses her across the room. He picks up a shard of broken glass and advances on her, only to be THROWN clear across the room himself.

JULES: Not today, Satan.

JULES snarls and takes a protective stance over Liv.

KAI: Wolves. Lovely.

Jules picks Liv up bridal-style and speeds her away. Kai whips out his cell, calling his boss.

KAI: Jochi. We have a new player. It seems the wraiths are still sending people up from the Dark Dimension. I’m in pursuit of their minion.

He gets up and runs off in the same direction as Jules.


Angelique rolls over in bed and picks up the card Lucien gave her, pulling out her phone and dialing the number on the card.

ANGELIQUE: Hey, I think I’m ready to talk about that thing with you now.

LUCIEN (voice): Perfect.


Klaus is staring into the fireplace while Elijah paces, aggravated.

ELIJAH: Niklaus, we are safe now. Undagger Rebekah.

KLAUS: Elijah… she will invariably end up causing some ruckus that will bring Mikael back down on our heads. Try and turn the mayor’s boy or something equally, nauseatingly idealistic. I will not allow this family to-

Kol comes from behind and snaps Klaus’ neck.

KOL: I find that to be enough of his hypocrisy for one evening.


KOL: Come along, Elijah.

He exits.


Freya creeps out from her hiding place and opens a casket to find Finn’s daggered form.

FREYA: Finn?

Flashes of her real memories appear on screen for the briefest of seconds.

LUCAN (voice): How sweet. A pity you won’t remember this when we’re done with you.

He emerges from the shadows and slams Freya’s head against the wall before carrying her away just as Kol and Elijah arrive.

KOL: Did you hear something?

ELIJAH: Most likely the wind.


ROAN sits meditating when MIKAEL enters. The vampire’s eyes snap open and he whips around, assuming a defensive stance.

MIKAEL: I take it you know who I am. I am not here to harm you. As I understand it, you are of my daughter’s line, correct?

ROAN: Rebekah, yes. What of it?

MIKAEL: I hear that you have founded an order of beings like us who work tirelessly to control their bloodlust and the other aspects of this curse. I have heard rumors that you only feed on our own kind.

ROAN: This is all true. Why are you here?

Mikael throws Rathul to the ground and kneels before Roan.

MIKAEL: I wish to learn the same control, the same feeding techniques.

ROAN: How do I know this is not some petty manipulation?

MIKAEL: I have always been a man of my word.

ROAN: I have heard tales of you these past ten years, Mikael. The father of our race, he who hunts his own, killing any human that his children have remade in their image. Fine. You begin today.


Marcel helps Davina set everything to her liking.

DAVINA: Is there really a point to this? Elijah said he was going to move us all to Virginia at the earliest opportunity.

MARCEL: Well, while we’re in Boston I want my girl to have the best accommodations. I know how much you hate the Mikaelsons but this in only temporary.

DAVINA: I’m only doing this for Rebekah.

MARCEL: I don’t doubt that for a second. I’ve spent a good part of the last seven months trying to track down the thing that killed you after you brought Mikael back. Have you been able to remember what that was?

DAVINA: At first I thought the Shachath but the Ancestors said it was something much worse. They’re only cut off, the well isn’t destroyed. If we can get back to whatever the hell is left of New Orleans, we can-

She grunts, her back arching. Kai appears behind her, sneering. He’s thrust a piece of glass through her spine.

KAI: You’ll do nothing.


He vanishes again. Cloaking spell. Davina staggers forward, dying even as she grabs Marcel, and expires in his arms after whispering something in his ear.

MARCEL: D! D! Come on!


KILLIAN and CLARICE continue to spar, with Killian knocking Clarice flat on her ass this time.

CLARICE: You’re not as slow as I thought, old man.

KILLIAN: I’m fifty!

CLARICE: Like I said. Mikael came to me in a dream. He said he wants us to go to Arlington.

KILLIAN: Are the Mikaelsons there? Can we slaughter the bastards yet?

CLARICE: My directive was to kill Davos and his minions. We can get to killing those monsters later. Davos is the more immediate threat. Understand?


He swings his axe at her again and she rolls out of the way, springing up and bringing her sword down on him, which he blocks with the body of the axe.


Klaus stares into Angelica’s eyes for a beat. He makes a dissatisfied face.

KLAUS: She isn’t here.

AURORA: Were she not, I would not still be here, now would I?

Klaus grabs Aurora by the shoulders and slams her against the wall.

KLAUS: If this is another of your tricks, you will endure a fate so terrible-

The witch stirs as if awaking from a dream.


Klaus becomes immobile and Aurora easily slips from his grasp. When the witch releases him, he turns to Angelica with tears in his eyes.

KLAUS: Rebekah?

Angelica smiles ambiguously.




Callie opens the door to find that Kol has returned.

CALLIE: Oh. It’s you. I’m sorry, I’ve been a bit skittish lately.

KOL: Understandable. May I come in?

CALLIE: Of course.

Callie steps aside and Kol enters.

CALLIE: I had already invited you in once, Kol.

KOL: Let’s say being dead has given me a new lease on my undead existence. Manners being the newest things I cherish, I thought it only appropriate to ask once more.

CALLIE: Well, I appreciate it. I have coffee. Can you drink coffee? Bex was always kinda vague about what vampires can and cannot do, so…

KOL: Yeah, I can. So long as I keep a steady diet of blood, my body functions fairly normally. Thank you, Miss Mercer.

The pair sit in the recliners in the living room.

CALLIE: I take it you’re here about Rebekah again.

KOL: Yes, but I’d also like to get to know you, Callandra.

CALLIE: Callie is fine, Kol.

KOL (smiling): Callie, then.

CALLIE: Kol, right? Bex told me a lot about you.

KOL: Did she?

CALLIE: Yeah. As soon as she left New Orleans, she was dead-set on bringing you back. That’s why she stayed in Romania for a bit after Elijah invited her home.

KOL: Do my brothers know about you?

CALLIE: No. Rebekah was planning to tell them all about us when she returned to help deal with Markos and Dahlia, but having a mystical dagger shoved into your heart makes that a little difficult.

KOL: You seem to know a lot about the goings-on of this family, Callie.

CALLIE: Only what Rebekah told me. I would’ve helped, but I do have a nine-year-old to take care of. Trish. That’s her name.

KOL: Lovely.

CALLIE: Yeah, and Rebekah was great with her. She’s at school right now.

KOL: What is it you do, again?

CALLIE: I work for Carter al-Hamzi, the Attorney General. I hear Kingston is thinking about keeping him on if he wins the election.

KOL: So… you’re in politics and you know about the supernatural?

Callie senses her guest is getting worked up.

CALLIE: Easy, now. I don’t work for Kingston. Joanna does and she’ll be coming for you soon enough. A few times, Rebekah would talk in her sleep about someone named Davos? Does that name ring a bell?

Kol blanches at that name.

CALLIE: I take that as a ‘yes’. What is he, exactly?

KOL: No one knows. Elijah and I encountered him in the 1300s and he was vastly stronger than us. Some say he’s a vampire, some say a witch, or a werewolf. All we know for sure is that he’s some kind of shape-shifter. Master of manipulation; the latest rumors say he leads some kind of personality cult out in Arlington. Klaus derides this cult as some myth. ‘The Old Ones’, they call themselves. Vampires, who supposedly predate us, even though it’s impossible, mixed in with more than a few of our more resentful progeny.


KOL: Bottom line is the bastard’s dangerous. This isn’t your fight, Callie, so please stay safe.

CALLIE: One of those bastards killed my girlfriend, Kol; I am not staying out of this. I can fight!

KOL: You’ll get yourself and your little girl killed. I’ll check in with you soon.

He kisses her hand, they hug, and he speeds out the door. Callie picks up the phone.

CALLIE: He’s gone. I planted a tracker on his jacket just like you asked. Now where is my daughter?

JOANNA (VOICE): Thank you for your service. Do not worry, Mercer, Trish is fine. Darien Bravura is watching over her and she’ll be home to you soon enough. Tristan told me that, since he’s returned to Virginia, he’s had to deal with remnants of Kol’s sireline who survived their sire’s death due to their association with Lucan. Something to do with Expression, I’d wager, but I digress. Bottom line: Kol is pursuing a lead having to do with Tristan de Martel. Were I you, I would ensure that Kol loses that lead. Otherwise, your daughter will be returned to you in several gift boxes.

The line dies.


Joanna and TUNDE sit on opposite sides, suiting up for an assault of some kind.

TUNDE: For what does a witch need guns, vampire?

JOANNA: Magic only fights half your battles, Alphonse. We need to track down Liv Parker.

TUNDE: Pope’s second-in-command?

JOANNA: The same. Now, if-

The door opens, flooding the room with light. A bullet pierces Joanna’s chest and A LEATHER-CLAD WOMAN bangs Tunde’s head against the wall. He slumps to the floor.


Freya is bound and gagged in the middle of a small room, with Solomon and Lucan wielding bloody instruments of torture. The witch is heavily injured. Jochi enters.

JOCHI: This can all be over when you tell us where Dahlia is, child.

He roughly removes the gag and Freya spits in his face.

JOCHI: Fair enough.

He raises his hand. Freya screams, bleeding from her eyes and nose.

JOCHI: We’ve been at this for hours, Freya, and you have been quite resilient. A classic trait of your wretched family. So…

FREYA: Amsterdam! Dahlia is in Amsterdam.

JOCHI: See? That wasn’t so hard.

He snaps and Freya’s face heals. He pats her head and departs, the other two flanking him. Before Solomon leaves, he whispers the following in Freya’s ear:

SOLOMON: We have some business with the Mikaelsons first, and then we’ll get to your psychotic mother.


Jochi, Solomon, and Lucan quietly enter the house, but the image begins to become grainy, as if it is being watched on an old television set. The image fizzles out and:


Elijah gasps and sits up, with Josephine sitting back.

ALANA: What the hell just happened?

JOSEPHINE: It seems our trip down memory lane has ended prematurely. Most of those memories were his constructions of events anyway, pieces of what actually happened based on what others told him. They were largely useless.

ELIJAH: Then why subject me to this exercise?

JOSEPHINE: I was hoping that perhaps you might have some information of import on how to defeat the Old Ones, but it seems I was mistaken. However, I will help.


JOSEPHINE: The Old Ones are a blight, even more so than you. I was sent back to ensure that you destroy them.

Elijah sighs, disappointed in her answer. Alana rolls her eyes at the woman’s matter-of-factness.


Joanna and Tunde wake up. Joanna sees the bloody bullet lying next to her, with the WOMAN standing over her. The woman comes into focus: it’s NATASHA ELKIN.

JOANNA: Nat. Hey.

Natasha slugs her and pushes Tunde to the other side of the room when he tries to intervene.

ELKIN: Don’t bother. This entire compound is a magic-free zone. Now, what does my darling field partner want with saving Senator Kingston? We Strix don’t get so directly involved in politics. You know the rules.

TUNDE: You’re Strix?

JOANNA: Aurora assigned me to his protection detail after that New Dawn fiasco at the Lockwood-Salvatore wedding.

ELKIN: Well, nice to see you know how to be loyal to someone.

She punches Joanna again and departs. Tunde crawls over to her and cradles her in his lap.


Klaus and Aurora bicker off to the side as Angelica watches, bemused. Freya stares at the witch, eyes full of contempt.


FREYA: Any part of Rebekah I sense in you is faint.

Aurora finishes her conversation with Klaus and moves over to the eldest Mikaelson.

AURORA: Do you recall when Hayley Marshall was placed in Celina Kingston’s body? It’s like that. If you want her consciousness removed, you’ll have to act quickly and precisely otherwise you risk losing your precious Rebekah forever. And all vampires in her sireline will die. Including me. Most importantly me. So chop-chop.

Klaus and Freya are aghast at this bomb she’s dropped. Aurora speeds up the stairs.

KLAUS: Do we know someone with that kind of power? That spell is rather tricky and dangerous to reverse without killing them both. Who do we know who can-

FREYA: Dahlia. But she’s MIA. Our best locatable bet is Genevieve.


Cami knocks on the door. Marcel is with her.

MARCEL: She’s not gonna-

CAMI: This girl needs to get off her ass. Her aunt is dead, and this is not a healthy way to grieve. She’s isolating. If she keeps this up, it’ll consume her and she’ll do something reckless.

MARCEL: How do you know?

CAMI: Because I was her once upon a time.

She opens the door to find the girl gone.

CAMI: Where the hell could she go?

Marcel enters and finds a Strix card on Angie’s bed.

MARCEL: I think I have an idea.


Elijah sits alone. ANNE BONNY walks up and sits beside him.

ANNE: Hello, Elijah. What brings you to the Windy City?

ELIJAH: Freya called, told me a key to Rebekah’s survival was here.

ANNE: Gen’s magic is long-gone.

ELIJAH: Not her child’s. Not Klaus’ unborn son. He’s ripe.

ANNE: She’s not due for another three weeks!

ELIJAH: This is a family matter, Anne. I suggest you take me to Miss Thorne. I take it my thoroughly repugnant gypsy progeny sent you?

ANNE: Racist much?

ELIJAH: Spare me your political correctness, pirate. Where is Genevieve Thorne?

ANNE: Find. Another. Way.

She gets up and speeds off. Elijah pursues.


Kai glances into the fireplace as Christabella falls into a chair behind him.

CHRISTABELLA: I do hope that foul little mind of yours is being used to cook up delightful ways to make the Mikaelsons suffer.

KAI: I was actually wondering exactly how I could kill people with this fireplace poker but your suggestion works too. Jochi promised me Angelique’s magic if I aided you in destroying the Mikaelson siblings. I’m on a time-table, blondie, give the girl up or you’ll have one more enemy to worry about here.

CHRISTABELLA: And you’ll get it. You have been reckless in your assault on the Mikaelsons’ allies. Davos does not look kindly on such insult to his more practical strategies.

KAI: Where is this Davos anyway?

CHRISTABELLA: None of your concern, abomination. One more step out of line and we will put you back in that box for-

She gasps and begins desiccating. Kai smirks and stalks away.

KAI: That’s a warning.


Aurora sits all but naked on Klaus’ bed as the hybrid enters, buttoning his shirt.

AURORA: You’ve gotten better in the last thousand years, my sweet love.

KLAUS: We are long since dust. I do this because you know how to get my sister back.

He moves to the bed and kisses her.

AURORA: I’ll take what I can get. Now get undressed and let’s have some more fun.

She giggles like a child at Klaus’ displeasure. In the shadows, Tristan watches them dispassionately.


Freya finds Finn alone.

FREYA: Come back inside, brother.

FINN: I have no desire to associate with those monsters you call family on any more than a superficial level. We share a common goal in returning Rebekah to her proper state and that is all. I have no wish to be a part of this cursed echo of a family.

FREYA: A pity. You’ll have no choice.

FINN: Sister?

Freya forces Finn to his knees, pinning him there with her magic. She begins chanting. Finn screams. Soon, Vincent’s body gives out and he collapses. From around the corner, a confused Finn crawls to Freya in his true, original body. DAVINA MIKAELSON, seen only by Freya, smiles as the witch.

DAVINA: Good job.


Angelique is walking down the street, alone, when Cami and Marcel catch up to her.

ANGELIQUE: What do you want, Camille?

CAMI: Look, Angie, whatever Lucien promised you, trust me when I say it’s a lie. He just wants to use you!

ANGELIQUE: Like Niklaus wanted to use me to be some hybrid-making machine?

CAMI: What? Who told you that?

ANGELIQUE: The raven-haired woman. She said I would be safest with her. I’m gonna get Lucien to convince Davos to take me to her.

MARCEL: Dahlia? Kid, she doesn’t-

ANGELIQUE: Shut up! The last seven months you and blondie have devoted yourselves to keeping me sequestered from the world. Maybe I don’t wanna be some bird in a gilded cage anymore.

Davina Mikaelson (DM) stands beside her, unseen by the vampires. Just what is she?

DAVINA: They’ll only bring you down.

ANGELIQUE: You’ll only bring me down, hold me back, just as you always have! I begged the two of you and Kieran to let me reconnect with Freya or Rebekah or anyone and you said it was too dangerous! I am the first of my kind, sure, but that does not mean I’m going to go off the rails.

DAVINA: They should trust you for once.

ANGELIQUE: Maybe you should trust me for once, huh?

MARCEL: Angie, honey, come home. Okay, we’ll get you to the Mikaelsons. You’re ready now.

Lucien slinks out of an alleyway close to the girl. DM vanishes.

LUCIEN: I think she’s been ready, Marcel. That’s her whole argument, which you are all blatantly ignoring. She wants the freedom to explore who she is. Davos can offer her that.

With lightning speed, he snaps both vampires’ necks and wraps an arm around Angelique.

LUCIEN: Come along, love. We have much to teach you.

The two speed off down the street. FREYA appears and looks at the vampires in contempt. Her eyes turn every color of the rainbow for a moment before she flashes away. The Shachath has returned!




Killian and Clarice are now fighting with broadswords. Killian sweeps Clarice’s feet out from under her, but the young huntress vaults back to standing and ends up disarming the older man and pinning him to the wall.

CLARICE: It’s settled. We help the Mikaelsons, as directed, to destroy Davos and his minions.

Killian glowers at her as she goes outside and leans against the porch railing.


Aurora climaxes. Klaus slides off of her and lays on the bed beside her. Rory chuckles:

AURORA: I was right. You have learned a few tricks.

KLAUS: I don’t know why you’re planning on stalling me, Aurora, but I find it most irritating. Show me how to resurrect-

Tristan emerges from the shadows and SNAPS an unsuspecting Klaus’ neck.

TRISTAN: I do think that is enough of his babble for one evening, sister. Come, help me. One of Davos’ witches has cloaked us. We’ll be safe.

Aurora helps Tristan carry the incapacitated hybrid away.


Anne sits at the bar as Elijah approaches and sits beside her.

ANNE: Must you continue following me? Is even my favorite bar in Chicago unsafe from you?

ELIJAH: An old friend told me that a key to getting Rebekah back would be in Chicago, which my sister Freya confirmed. The only available avenue is currently heavily pregnant with my brother’s son. Take me to Genevieve this instant and I’ll consider not sending your heart to Davos in a jar.

ANNE: I would be thoroughly amused to see you try.

ELIJAH: See, Miss Bonny, if I recall correctly, you are of my brother Kol’s sireline. You should have perished when he did.

ANNE: Spoilers, sweetie. It seems you and I are on the same side. I want Rebekah back just as much as any of you.

ELIJAH: Why could you possibly want that? My sister loathed you and I find it highly unlikely that Davos wants her restored so the Mikaelsons can be whole again.

ANNE: I don’t give a damn about Davos or his plans for Rebekah, if he has any. But I was assigned to protect Genevieve for the very reason you described earlier: she can be useful in resurrecting the Original Sister. I’ll do what I can to get Gen to agree, but she cannot see you.


ANNE: For what it’s worth, I’m sorry. Lucan acted on his own accord. He’s always been a loose canon and I for one will be glad to see him burn alive for what he did to your family.

This denouncement elicits a rare smile from Elijah. He notices a necklace and pulls it from her neck, examining the medallion.

ELIJAH: This is a New Dawn sigil. What the hell is going on, Anne?


Marcel wakes up on the couch in his loft. He sits up and sees Davina, alive and well, smiling at him. They embrace lovingly.

MARCEL: D, what’s going on?

DAVINA: You’re still lying on that street in Boston. My soul still has a little time before it ricochets back into the Ancestral Well, and then I’m afraid we probably won’t ever see each other again. But I wanted to use this time to tell you how much I love you, Marcel, and I cannot thank you enough for everything you’ve done for me since we met. I mean, I’ve had someone fight for me since the second you laid eyes on me and…

She starts crying and Marcel hugs her again. They are both sobbing now.

MARCEL: If it is the last thing I do, I will get you back.

DAVINA: You can’t. At least, not for the time being. Everyone thinks the Well was destroyed, but it was just cut off. It’s too strong to be contained by something as abominable as Expression. It’ll reconnect with the living soon enough. But, Marcel, it’s so awful. After you bring me back, I want you to destroy it. Please. For me. Tristan offered you membership in the Strix, right, and you accepted?

MARCEL: I don’t see what that has to do with… oh, god. You’re a genius, Davina. I promise you, I will get you back. The de Martels must have a way, and once I get it I am dismantling that stupid cult from the inside. Not before I make Kai suffer, though.

DAVINA: He’s a monster, Marcel. You can’t defeat him as a werewolf.

MARCEL: No, I can’t, but Angelique’s blood has the same transformative properties as her father’s. I-

Davina begins shimmering, in and out.

MARCEL: D, what’s happening?

DAVINA: I gotta go. I promise, you’ll see me again.

She hugs Marcel once more and kisses his cheek before shimmering out of the dreamscape.

MARCEL: You give ‘em hell over there, kid.


Liv and Jules stand in a deserted field.

LIV: Just where the hell are we?

JULES: Somewhere safe for the time being.

Fiona walks up to them.

LIV: Monroe? What the hell are you doing here?

FIONA: You could show a little gratitude. I did tell this one where you were. I’ve been hoping to find something to trade with Ethan for a while, and the opportunity couldn’t have come at a better time.

LIV: Trade? For what?

FIONA: I want out, Liv. I’ve been assassinating wolves for him for far too long and I’m done.

Liv pulls a gun, shooting Jules in the leg before returning her attention to Fiona, brandishing it in her face.

LIV: Wolfsbane bullets, Monroe. We could’ve easily replaced you, but the boss took a liking to you for some insane reason. This operation has been years in the planning, and I will not be some bargaining chip because you haven’t got the guts to do what needs to be done to fulfill it. You’re gonna take me to Ethan, all right, but after we get back to base camp I am putting you down myself. Neither of us much care for insubordination. Now-

Jules stands and brings her joined fists down on the back of Liv’s head. The terrorist goes down for the count.

JULES: I really hate it when people shoot me.

She falls again and Fiona rips Jules’ pant leg, digging the bullet out of her thigh.

JULES: I don’t know much about this Ethan Pope guy, but he seems like a dick. I’ll do whatever I can to help family.


Kol is staring at Rebekah’s place of death, shaking with rage. Freya and a disoriented Finn return.

KOL: About time you came back. I was worried sick! You- Finn?

FREYA: I reconstituted Finn to his true body and bound him to it. He’s agreed to help bring Rebekah back in a more permanent fashion. He’s out of our hair for good after that.

KOL: I find that hard to believe, sister. He’s always been a diabolical-

Elijah enters at this exact moment.

ELIJAH: Enough, Kol. It seems we have more pressing concerns than family drama at the moment. I found this around the neck of one of your progenies.

He holds up the necklace.

KOL: Anne? How? When an Original dies, all of the vampires in their sireline die with them.

ELIJAH: She claims to have found a way to circumvent that portion of the magic that made her a vampire. She was cryptic, but I do think Davos is at the center of all of this. This is a New Dawn pendant, the symbol of the terrorist organization that wants Kingston dead.

FREYA: If memory serves, Senator Kingston also wants us dead. How would helping him help us in any way?

ELIJAH: When Josephine was in my head earlier today, she didn’t restrict herself to rooting around in my memories. She showed me a better world, one in which Kingston is instrumental in creating.

FREYA: Okay, how are we going to accomplish this if he has so many enemies gunning for him?

ELIJAH: We’re moving to Virginia. Right across the Potomac so that we may keep an eye on him. This is not up for debate.

KOL: And why not?

ELIJAH: Because in moving to Virginia, we will be all the closer to these “Old Ones” that Christabella told us about, and then we can crush them like the ants they are. Lucan first.

Freya and Kol smile at his plan and, satisfied, Elijah strides away. Without the others, noticing, Finn slips out.


Joanna and Tunde pace as Elkin enters with Lucien and Angelique.

TUNDE: Guests. Lovely.

Christabella soon follows.

ELKIN: Miss Marcoux. To what do we owe this pleasure?

CHRISTABELLA: Angelique here is a very special guest, and Davos wants to meet her personally. I thought that perhaps Mr. Delgallo could help her control her magic.

TUNDE: Help this abomination? You are out of your minds!


She raises her hands to him and he sinks to his knees, eyes rolling back inside his skull.


Caption: One Week Ago

Angelique opens her bedroom window but Tunde appears from a pillar of fire.

ANGELIQUE: You gotta stop doing that, Alphonse.

TUNDE: Do I need to go over the plan again?

ANGELIQUE: I’m not one-hundred-percent sure it’ll work.

TUNDE: I have a woman on the inside that says Lucien Castle has his eyes on you. You will go with him when he comes for you. I’ve also alerted one of the Strix higher-ups to my and Joanna’s location. When she picks us up, she will take us to the Old Ones’ compound in Arlington. When you arrive, we have a script we need to play out. Do you remember what we agreed upon?



Tunde begins convulsing, but returns to normal when Angelique lowers her arms.

CHRISTABELLA: Do you see what happens when she gets upset?

TUNDE (gasping): Yes. I will help. I will help you destroy the Mikaelsons.

ELKIN: Perfect. Now off you go.

Joanna stands and walks past, giving Angelique a wink. Tunde exits with Elkin and Christabella, who practically drag him out. Angelique looks in the window, where DM appears.

DAVINA: Hello, darling. Your auntie is very impatient to meet you. I’m sure Davos will be more than happy to comply now that you are here.


Joanna texts Kingston the following:

‘I’m coming back to D.C. soon enough. Beware of those closest to you.’

JOANNA: Let’s hope he’s smart enough to listen.

She strides away. At this signal, Tunde “witch-whammies” his captors and dashes away, pulling a disoriented Angelique down the hall as they vanish through a door of fire.

CHRISTABELLA: Follow them, Natasha! I have business in Chicago.


Josephine sits on the floor, defeated.

ALANA: That’s a look I never thought I would see on you.

JOSEPHINE: As Elijah had past dealings with Davos and his lackeys in Copenhagen, I was hoping to gain intelligence on how to defeat our enemies and avenge Rebekah. I am unfamiliar with being unsuccessful in my endeavors, Miss Killeen.

ALANA: Did you know Rebekah well?

JOSEPHINE: We fought together once or twice. She was… kind. A friend.

ALANA: You have friends? You seem like a real bitch, if I’m being honest.

JOSEPHINE: That would be- AHHH!

She spasms as if shocked by a Taser. When she staggers to her feet, she seems fatigued.

JOSEPHINE: Hey. What’s going on?

ALANA: Don’t you remember?

JOSEPHINE: All I remember is being shot in the face at my wedding, and after, I was with Sariel. Bit of a bitch. She must’ve done something to me when she brought me back. I would never subject a friend to torture as I did.

ALANA: I don’t know much about angels, Manchurian Candidate, but I do know a thing or two about breaking out of mental conditioning. I’ll help you find this Sariel and make her fix you.

JOSEPHINE: Then I can help you on my own terms.

ALANA: Exactly.

JOSEPHINE: Let’s start over. Josephine Salvatore.

Alana is hesitant, but shakes the hand offered.

ALANA: Alana Killeen.

Josephine pulls Alana over her head, sending the woman crashing down to the floor. Jo’s eyes glaze over as Sariel’s programming reasserts itself.

ALANA: No, no, no!

Josephine vanishes in a burst of light.


Angelique and Tunde are laughing about something as they hitchhike.

ANGELIQUE: So you do know how to let loose every once in a while. Color me shocked.

TUNDE: Death has a habit of reshuffling one’s priorities, little one. We may be at war with your family’s enemies, but I help you and only you. You are special, and I see great promise if you allow me to train you. Lucien was right about one thing: you can be a unifying force. I also promised to help find a way to restore Rebekah. I have heard of a place in the Tibetan mountains where-

Without warning, Angelique jams her fingers into Tunde’s back and he falls.

ANGELIQUE: I paralyzed you from the waist down. Have fun with that.

TUNDE: This is Dahlia’s influence, child. Resist it! Resist it, please!

A truck pulls up and stops. Angelique climbs in.

ANGELIQUE: Do not see him.

She closes the door and the truck drives off, leaving Tunde all alone.


Marcel descends the stairs and flips on the lights. Angelica squints in the light.

MARCEL: You there, Rebekah? Or is this some half-cocked scheme by the de Martels to get into the Mikaelsons’ good graces?

Angelica straightens in a way only Rebekah did.

ANGELICA/REBEKAH: Lacking in manners as always, Marcellus. Angelica was enjoying a quite lovely nap and so was I.

MARCEL: There you are.

He goes over to her, caressing her face.

MARCEL: You always end up being the most beautiful girl in the room.

ANGELICA/REBEKAH: Flatterer. I don’t have long. Find a way. Bring me back. Let this woman have her life. I-

She gasps and slumps into Marcel’s arms. When she comes to, Angelica is back in the driver’s seat.

ANGELICA: I don’t know you like that, bro.


Joanna knocks on the door. Eventually, Callie answers.

CALLIE: Joanna?

JOANNA: The one and only.

CALLIE: Come in. Quickly.

She lets Joanna inside, who walks into:


Callie sits on the bed.

CALLIE: Where is my daughter?

JOANNA: Safe. For now. You want Rebekah back, right? Listen to me very carefully.

Finn saunters inside.

FINN: I doubt she’ll listen. I compelled her to disregard whatever you say about my sister.

JOANNA: And why is that, boy?

Finn speeds to her and pins her against the wall.

JOANNA: My third-party employer has a vested interest in Rebekah’s resurrection. I would suggest unhanding me.

FINN: Who are you?

JOANNA: You’ll find out soon enough.

She unsheathes a knife, jamming it into Finn’s neck. The Original releases her and she speeds off. Finn removes the offending object, looking at Callie.

FINN: It seems Joanna is not the only one who has use for you, Miss Mercer.

He knocks her out and slings her body over his shoulder.


He sets Callie down in the backseat alongside an unconscious, bound, and gagged Jules and Fiona.


Anne is drinking alone when Christabella approaches her.

ANNE: I’m a bit busy, Christy, what do you want?

CHRISTABELLA: I understand you wish to bring the Mikaelson girl back.

ANNE: Isn’t that what Davos wants?

CHRISTABELLA: Screw what Davos wants. He’s content playing mind games for eternity because he enjoys psychologically torturing those elitist bastards to actually doing something. Your services are no longer required, pirate. I’ll see you in the morning bright and early. The resurrection plotline was gonna go nowhere, anyway. Scrap it, come home. We will destroy everything the Mikaelsons cherish.

She leaves. Anne senses something is off. She speeds away to:


Anne speeds in to find the place ransacked and Genevieve gone.

ANNE: Damn it!


GENEVIEVE wakes up, rubs her eyes. Christabella stands over her.

CHRISTABELLA: Oh! You’re awake. You and I have much to discuss.


Light floods the basement as the door opens and someone descends the staircase. Klaus is bound to a pillar, much as Aurora was earlier in the episode.

KLAUS: If you are here to gloat, save your breath.

We see the SOMEONE is Lucien and he crouches in front of his sire.

LUCIEN: Have they told you yet what they want to do to you?

KLAUS: I generally don’t listen to the ravings of lunatics like Kai Parker.

LUCIEN: Oh, but this is a good one. We are going to siphon the magic from you and drain you of your blood until you are immobilized, and use your blood in our own little version of the spell that turned your family into vampires. Then we’ll dump you into the Atlantic after we slaughter your siblings. Your family has made a plethora of enemies, as you can imagine.

KLAUS: Who is this ‘we’? I’m not entirely certain Christabella would want you divulging her plan so early in the game.

LUCIEN: Oh, Nik, that’s not the Old Ones’ plan. It’s ours, your first sired. Tristan, Aurora, and myself. And you think Christabella is running the show? She’d like to think that, but our real boss is much worse. You’d like him.

KLAUS: So the three of you wish to be Originals, like us?

LUCIEN: No, we intend to be... upgrades.

He pats Klaus’ cheek and leaves the hybrid alone, closing the door and enveloping the basement in darkness.




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