Clark Kent (Kal-El)
Birthdate 1979 (age 38)
Family Jor-El (father, deceased)

Lois Lane (fiancée)

Occupation Reporter
  • Vigilante
Species Kryptonian

Status Alive

Played by Tyler Hoechlin
First seen Pilot (Supergirl) (faceless)
  • For The Girl Who Has Everything (first appearance w/ dialogue)
  • The Adventures of Supergirl (adult)
Last seen Worldkiller, Part 3
Clark Kent (born Kal-El) is one of the last survivors of the planet Krypton. He is a reporter for the Daily Planet and, in secret, the vigilante known as Superman.

Early Life

As revealed in Siblings,

Canary Season 4

In Anti-Life,

In Apokaliptic Designs,

Birds of Prey Season 4

In Superhero Club,

Supergirl Season 3

In Lines,

In No Longer The Last,

In Kandor,

In Heavily Broken,

In Human For Another Day,

In A Luthor and a Super,

In Brave Enough,

In New Krypton,

In Brave New World,

In The Question,

In The Trial of Kal-El,

In Nova Day,

In The Swarm,

In Framed,

In Hurricane,

In The Fall of Kandor,

In City On Fire,

Supergirl Season 4

Supergirl Season 5

New Krypton Season 1

New Krypton Season 2

New Krypton Season 3

New Krypton Season 4



Episode Absence

In Supergirl Season 3, Clark is absent for 1 episode:


  • 48/73 (Supergirl)
  • 33/80 (New Krypton)
  • 2/50 (Canary)
  • 1/80 (Birds of Prey)
  • 104 (total)

(Supergirl S2) (3/13)

  • 2x01 The Adventures of Supergirl
  • 2x02 The Last Children of Krypton
  • 2x13 Worlds Apart

(Canary S4) (2/10)

(Birds of Prey S4) (1/13)

(Supergirl S3) (10/11)

(Supergirl S4) (11/11)

(Supergirl S5) (8/8)

(Supergirl S6) (10/10)

(New Krypton S1) (6/10)

(New Krypton S2) (6/10)

(New Krypton S3) (4/10)

(New Krypton S4) (3/10)

(New Krypton S6) (1/10)

(New Krypton S7) (6/10)

(New Krypton S8) (7/10)

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