Birthdate 1st Century BC (age 2000+)
Family Ansel (descendent)

Niklaus Mikaelson (descendent) Cary (descendent)

Occupation Native American Chief (9-10th Centuries)
Species Werewolf/Living Ghost/Shapeshifter
Transfiguration date 1st Century BC

Significant kills Various
Status Deceased
Cause of death Evisceration (as a human)
Killed by Anglo-Saxon Battalion (as a human)
Played by Jason Momoa
First seen Pretty Wicked Things (flashback)
Last seen Pretty Wicked Things (flashback)

Catahecassa was a villager in Rome during the time of The Great Witch Schism. He is the Original Werewolf and the original identity of The Shachath.

1st CenturyEdit

Born a normal human, he often followed Markos around in an attempt to be initiated into the Grand Coven, to Markos' great displeasure. After Silas was imprisoned by Qetsiyah, Catahecassa tried his question once more only to be transformed into the first werewolf for his troubles, a transformation intentionally made quicker by Markos so as to take his grief out on something.

10th CenturyEdit

In 991, he commanded the Vikings, including Freya Mikaelson, during the Battle of Maldon. He killed scores of Anglo-Saxon warriors, but was eventually brought down by them. Dahlia later cursed his soul to wander the Earth, making him a shapeshifter later dubbed The Shachath. As this monster, Catahecassa became the apparent personification of Expression, a dark and powerful magic not native to this dimension.


(as Catahecassa)

(as The Shachath)


  • Because of the drastic change in personality between his life and existence as a Living Ghost, his page and The Shachath are being kept as two separate pages.


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