Birthdate The Beginning of Time
Family Ekzistas (husband)
Occupation Goddess
Species Primordial Entity

Status Alive (immortal)

Played by Alexandra Daddario
First seen O Come, All Ye Faithful
Last seen End of All Things
The Divine Mother, known to most as Astrid, is one half of Creation Itself alongside her equal and opposite Ekzistas. She is the primary goddess of The Estonteco, a humanoid species which reside in Andromeda (pocket dimension).

Early LifeEdit

In the beginning, there was nothing. Or so was thought. In the midst of the black expanse there existed the Source, which permeated all and nothing at once, for there was nothing yet to inhabit. It is not known precisely what the Source is but the mortals posit it to be the genesis point of their concept of the soul. Out of the Source came the Divine Pair: Mother and Father, Feminine and Masculine. The two halves of Creation itself. One half became Astrid and the other Ekzistas.

The pair were content to exist in solitude for a time but soon wished to create and fill the emptiness of the void with others like them. To this end, from the Source they plucked much celestial entity; from this energy came the Angels (Andromeda). Many countless thousands of these beings were formed as companions for the Divine Pair. Astrid then got to work shaping the various planets- a dozen in total, and all capable of supporting complex life forms. The largest of which is called Andromeda, and it is from this planet the pocket dimension derives its name. With this, too, they were happy for a time.

Later, husband and wife lay together in order to make something in a more intimate fashion, as they had yet to do. From this, Astrid conceived the first of the Andromedean Pantheon: Entropio, who was carried to term and delivered inside the walls of The Grand Palace. Ekzistas and Astrid would go on to conceive 73 more beings, god and mythological creature alike. Eventually, Astrid and Ekzistas would lay together one final time. From this rigorous union, Astrid conceived triplets. Once it came time to deliver these three, Astrid retreated to a cavern overlooking her favorite expanse of land and sea on Andromeda. There, alone did she birth Arto, Kialo, and Agrara into being. These triplets were the first of the Estonteco and the founders of that civilization. Following their rearing, Astrid retreated back into the heavens and there she observes all and knows all.

Sometimes, she visits the Multiverse and is utterly fascinated by the humans there, adopting a mortal guise herself.

Director Danvers Season 1Edit

In O Come, All Ye Faithful,

In Can I Love You?,

Director Danvers Season 2Edit

In End of All Things,




  • 8/20 (Director Danvers)

(Director Danvers S1) (3/10)

(Director Danvers S3) (5/10)

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