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Season 5, Episode 8 (36)
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Air date March 2021
Written by Illyriarocks
Directed by Illyriarocks
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Ashes is the eighth episode of The Sulez Dynasty Season 5 and the 36th episode overall.


EVERY BOND BROKEN- As Aurora de Martel searches for answers, the Mikaelsons begin their hunt for The Man while Meredith Sulez works to rehabilitate Henrietta Feyers, but soon finds how broken they both have become. Freya Mikaelson reluctantly allies with Sofya.

FLASHBACK STORYLINE- Aurora makes a difficult decision that will permanently alter the course of her life.

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  • Antagonists: The Woman, The Man, Alvena, Alyona Reznika
  • Tristan, Enzo, and Sage return in this episode.
  • The identity of The Woman will be confirmed.
  • This episode takes place on October 11, 2014.
  • The flashback storyline takes place from November 11-20, 991.


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