Birthdate Beginning of Time
Family * The Father (creator)
  • Each other (siblings)
Occupation Soldiers or Healers
Species Higher Beings

Significant spells Ley Line Destruction Spell
Significant kills Various
Status Alive (immortal)

Played by Various
First seen Pilot (TSD)
Last seen Innocence (TO)

Angels or "celestials" are a race of beings composed of a sentient form of kinetic energy known as Celestial Energy. They serve as enforcers of the will of a mysterious "Creator" and also serve as healers. Angels value order above all else, by whatever means necessary and therefore cannot be classified as either "good" or "evil".



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  • Angels are truly immortal. While their physical forms can be destroyed, they will continue to exist as energy beings unless another form is granted them.
  • Angels have the ability to reproduce, hence the existence of nephilim. However, this is forbidden and punishable by forcibly causing the accused angel to fall and become human at best and sentencing in The Dark Dimension (plane) at worst.