Alura Zor-El
Birthdate 1939 (age 39)
Family Zor-El (husband)
Occupation Head of the Science Council
Species Kryptonian

Status Alive

Played by Laura Benanti
  • Melissa Benoist (young adult)
  • Genevieve Buechner (teenager)
First seen Pilot (Supergirl)
Last seen Twilight

Worldkiller, Part 2 (in the past)

Alura Zor-El is the head of Kryptonian Science Council, a respected member of the Science Guild, and the mother of Kara Danvers.

Early Life

As revealed in The House of Zod,

As revealed in The Devil Within,

Supergirl Season 3

In Lines, she briefly appears in Kara's apartment at the conclusion of the episode.

In No Longer The Last,

In Kandor,

In Power Girl,

In Heavily Broken,

In Human For Another Day,

In A Luthor and a Super,

In Brave Enough,

In New Krypton,

In Brave New World,

In The Question,

In Supergirl Reborn,

In Siblings,

In You Ruin Me,

In Conspirators,

In The Trial of Kal-El,

In Nova Day,

In The Swarm,

In Framed,

In Hurricane,

In The Fall of Kandor,

In City On Fire,

Supergirl Season 4

In Twilight,

Supergirl Season 5

In The Last Daughter of Krypton,

New Krypton Season 6

In Sisters (Supergirl),

New Krypton Season 8

In Worldkiller, Part 2,


  • She is the secondary antagonist of Supergirl Season 3 overall, while also serving as the secondary antagonist of the New Krypton storyline after Dru-Zod. Unlike Brainiac, Lex, Zod, Lucy, and General Lane, however, she is less evil and more of a Well-Intentioned Extremist.


  • 34/86 (Supergirl)
  • 2/80 (New Krypton)
  • 36 (total)

(Supergirl S3) (22/22)

(Supergirl S4) (1/15)

(Supergirl S5) (1/13)

(New Krypton S6) (1/10)

(New Krypton S8) (1/10)

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