Alfred pennyworth
Alfred Pennyworth
Birthdate 1950 (age 70
Occupation Butler
Species Human

Status Alive

Played by Jonathan Pryce
First seen Three Years
Last seen Oaths

Alfred Pennyworth is the loyal and sarcastic butler of the Wayne Family, and a close friend of Bruce Wayne and Harvey Dent.

Early LifeEdit

Batman Season 1Edit

In Three Years,

In The Man in the Mirror,

In Signal Fire,

In Black Mask,

In Family Matters,

In Quoth The Raven,

In All Our Times Have Come,

In GothCorp (episode),

In The Sting,

In Beware The Batman,

In A Death in the Family,

In Oaths,


Episode AbsenceEdit

In Season 1, Alfred does not appear in 1 episode:



  • 12/36 (Batman)

(Batman S1) (12/13)

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