Sam Lane
Season 4, Episode 8
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Air date TBD
Written by Illyriarocks
Directed by Illyriarocks
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Aftermath is the eighth episode of Supergirl Season 4 and the 72nd episode overall. It is the eighth and final part of the 8-part WAR OF THE SUPERMEN arc.


RIGHTEOUS ANGER- Kal-El challenges Dru-Zod and Ursa. As Kara Danvers, Lucy Lane, and Lois Lane pursues a fleeing Sam Lane, Alex Danvers works to find Astra In-Ze and James Olsen rehabs Karen Starr. Lena Luthor searches for Maggie Danvers.

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  • Antagonists: Kara Danvers, Dru-Zod, Ursa, Sam Lane, Lillian Luthor, Lex Luthor
  • This is the fourth midseason premiere.
    • This is the 4th midseason premiere to feature Kara and Alex
    • This is the 3rd midseason premiere to feature James, Maggie, and Astra.
    • This is the 2nd midseason premiere to feature Zod, Lena, Karen, and Clark.
    • This is the 1st midseason premiere to feature Lucy.
  • First appearance of Krypton-2's Alura.
  • First episode since Falling where Kara is an antagonist.


  • TBD